Sarah & Jeremy


The military life isn’t always an easy one but there is none more noble.  Jeremy and Sarah had set a date, several times, and had worked with Heather at The Pillars of Mobile for months planning their perfect wedding with bridesmaids and groomsmen, guests and cake, and catering and dancing.  Then the Navy calls and plans change again. 

I received a call from Heather a few weeks before the wedding asking if I could shoot a Chapel wedding on a Monday.  “Sure” I said, knowing right off the top of my head I didn’t have another wedding scheduled on a Monday.  Then it hit me.  I would be getting off the Carnival Cruise out of Mobile, Monday morning.  No problem, I will disembark at 8am and I don’t have to be at the Pillars until 11:30am.  What could go wrong?  Melia, my associate photographer was teaching a class that week so I called another photographer, just in case.

Everything went just as I planned and I arrived for the wedding with time to spare.  It was unusual for me that I had not met or even seen the bride before the wedding, but with the time limitations it was not possible.  Sarah was a delight. Her gorgeous gown had a blush underlay and her bouquet “that I can keep forever” was handmade with eco-flowers and antique broaches.  Not to mention, her pink shoes were all blingy, and I knew I liked her immediately!  I love bridesmaids, but it was so nice to walk into a bridal suite that didn’t look like a tornado of plastic dress bags, makeup, and leggings had come through. 


After a first glance, Jeremy and Sarah said “I Do” on the patio under a bright sunny sky. This was an unexpected surprise given it had snowed in Mobile 2 days before.  Later, Sarah told me she had broken her own rule by dating a Navy man.  I told her I had sworn I would never shoot another wedding straight off of a vacation.  Breaking your own rules, works out for the best sometimes. 

I don’t think I have ever had a better time shooting a wedding……and Sarah?  She and Jeremy had the perfect wedding complete with their parents, dancing and CAKE!!

Kim FrenchThe Pillars